Every second, 278,000 tweets are published

6 billions of hours of video are watched on YouTube every month

570 new websites are created every minute

41,000 Facebook posts are published every second

204,000,000 emails are sent every minute

Become more competitive with Big Data solutions


Position your brand in in a meaningful way with your clients


Anticipate to your clients needs before your competition does


Promptly analyze your data to reveal client behavior and facilitate decision making


Reduce fraud and operating risk


Dattlas is an independant Mexican company, part of KIO Networks Group, we offer to our clients Big Data integrated solutions.

  • Dattlas defines itself as Big Data as a Service, as You Want IT, as You Need IT.
  • We offer our clients the capacity to explore private and public data, in both structured and unstructured formats, from any source.
  • Our data analytics services allow you to create value for your customers and a competitive advantage for your business.
  • We walk our clients through the transition from a reactive business management model to a proactive, predictive and prescriptive one.
  • We have thorough knowledge of the different components and available providers in the market to select and implement the best suited to meet your business needs.
  • Due to our relationship with KIO Networks Group, we offer on and off premises solutions.

Dattlas Team = Knowledge & Experience


Having a perspective which if focused in innovation and the needs to anticipate in strategic decision making, we have built our best practices with very clear objectives for a continuous improvement in the user experience, besides the capacity to have available quick answers.

We have developed through estadistic and mathematical models solutions to the analytical advanced measure that allows to produce between 30 and 100 reports faster than traditional methods from Business Intelligence, working high volumes of data and Integrating any available format (text, voice, image).



At Dattlas we develop integrated analytical solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.
We start with a consultation, then design the solution, and deliver a solution that provides predictive models to your specification. As an independent organization, we are free to use solutions from any provider.


Every time more organizations are taking advantage of the information that a big data report offers.

For this reason, Dattlas develops solutions specifically for your business sector. We know that a custom approach by vertical delivers the results for each segment we serve.








We successfully develop projects and services



Operating Systems that we use:
Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Windows.


Environments in which we operate:
Hadoop, “R”, SAS, SQL, HANA, IBM, QlikView, Tableau


Databases we work with:
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQLServer, DB2.


Additionally, we have designed and implemented different arquitectures. Our experience has allowed us to deliver solutions with very attractive return on investment and have contributed to the success of institutions/companies that have put their trust in Dattlas.

Our experience in big data projects include; early alert systems implementation in churn and massive information processing models for big communication media operators. Additionally, we installed platforms for integration, correlation and data analysis for investigations.

Our Partnerships

Our partnerships with major brands in big data, ETL and BI sectors allow us to provide cutting edge technology that integrates with the services we offer. The result of these relationships is delivering high value solutions to our clients.


Av. Santa Fe 495, Cruz Manca,
Álvaro Obregon,
05349 Cuajimalpa, D.F.
Phone: +52 (55) 8503 2911

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